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"Os chapéus dos meninos são grandes."

Translation:The boys' hats are big.

July 17, 2013



I write "The boys' hats are big"

Duo marks this as correct but displays the warning:

"You have a typo. The boys hats are big."

e.g. it seems to think that there should be no possessive apostrophe? What's going on here? (Also, because it's marked correct, there is no Report "My answer was correct" option, so I don't know how to feed this back to Duo except here).


I suspect they think its hats for boys, rather than "boys' hats" (possessive).


That's interesting, I forgot the ' after boys and it was marked wrong.


The apostrophe after "boys" is appearing on this page, but it is missing in the app (at least from the web-based version of the app).


"The children's hats are big" was marked as spelled incorrectly (in my native English) but I'm 99% certain it's right. Any thoughts? <3


I see no mistakes.


i guess they marked it incorrect becsuse meninos is boys only, and children includes both boys and girls


is meninos generic for children?


It depends on the context, but normally it is related to boys, only. For meaning children we say "crianças"


What about boys and girls? Would the sentence still use "dos meninos" or would you say "dos meninos e das meninas"?


In that case you would use crianças


"The boys' hats are big".

That's the way you write this one in English. I'm not up on my Portuguese grammar rules, so I don't know how to write "The boys' hats are big" using Portuguese.

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