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"Karakteren i bogen bliver dræbt af forfatteren."

Translation:The character in the book is being killed by the author.

December 19, 2014



Martin! Haha :D Was thinking the exact same thing when I read the sentence.


Character assassination!

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(have a lingot!)


If I know what a Danish person will say it is easier for me to understand what is being said. This time I tried: "Kaptenen i borden bliver drapt af forfederen". Obviously, it was not correct. In Duolingo you can not ask to write down the sentence, as in real life. When written, Danish is indeed easy if you know Swedish or Norwegian. The main problem is pronunciation, which really demands exposure and exercise. I wonder if I ever will learn to master all those subtle nuances of the different vowel sounds, so that a Dane could understand me if I try to speak his/her tongue.

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