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  5. "Der Junge ist schnell."

"Der Junge ist schnell."

Translation:The boy is fast.

July 17, 2013



Rudy: "Ich bin schnell!"


schnell sounds like snail, it can be confusing if you are not paying attention since snails are slow.


Please listen to forvo.com. There is a clear difference.


how can schnell be used as a synonym of Spring.


schnellen is a verb that means something like to leap or to move with fast acceleration. It's sometimes used in predator-prey context, sometimes for springs (the bouncy-tings, not the season) but I guess the most common use case is still stock price reports.

„Als er den Abzug betätigt, schnellt der Schlagbolzen nach vorne.“ – „As he pulls the trigger, the firing pin springs forward.“


Is 'isst' as in the boy eats fast wrong?


Both German sentences sound exactly the same. Of course it's only an acceptable interpretation in a spoken sentence.


thanks for the reply! WOW.

I suppose the DUOLINGO example is not a common thing to say about a boy then ( unless hes running) or that in the end the boy is simply "quick/ fast with his mind" ? :D

Der Gepard ist schnell aber die Gazelle ist schneller.


Be aware that I gave examples for the verb schnellen. This word is uncommon for a boy. But the Duolingo sentence uses the adjective schnell. And this word is very common, equally for inanimate objects as well as animals or people.

Duolingo's vocabulary tooltip is rather primitive when it comes to word lookup and ignores context (I don't blame them, as it's a complicated matter), so it suggested the spring translation for the word. But that is a possible translation for the verb, not the adjective.


Schnell gets me every time. I always think it means the opposite, 'slow', because it sounds like 'snail'.


That's how I remember it means fast.

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