"En mus"

Translation:A mouse

December 19, 2014

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Is a computer mouse also "en mus"?


Interestingly though, en mus in the sense of a computer mouse has a regular plural (musar), while the animal has the irregular plural möss. I think this mirrors some English use too, but I'm not sure.


I disagree, I say möss about computer mice. The only time I'd use the plural musar is for a kind of word we're not teaching here.


I googled and got 20,400 for mine and 7,100 for yours so both are used but möss is more common. – SAOL only lists möss though.

You're right about English, they have approximately the same situation. A fairly large minority use computer mouses.


Oh. I say datormusar. I guess it still differs then. :)


In english, the same plural is used for all the mice ^^


Good question!


Omg I answered "en moose" lol


It didn't accept my answer ''a mice'' as correct… Why? Thanks


"A mouse" is just one mouse, "mice" is more than one mouse. "A mice" is not proper English. You just say "mice" without the A.


How do you know if en is going to be a or an?


Compare "An egg" / "a blue egg": whether it is a or an depends only on the sound that comes after the a/an. If it is a vowel (a ee oo e o...) it is "an", if it is a consonant (b, c, j...) it is "a".)

So to make it short: there is no difference in meaning between a and an, the placement only depends on the pronunciation in english, therefore the only way to know which one "en" is going to be is to learn the rules in english.


A 'mus' is some kind of bird in Dutch.


Wiktionary says it's en sparv ('a sparrow') in Swedish, but it sounds more like en mes ('a tit' in English) (which in turn seems to be mees in Dutch). Anyway sparrows and tits are small birds that are easily confused by most people.


How do you say "a mouse?"


How did I get it wrong if moose and mouse sounds the same


They don't, though. English "mouse" and "moose" are pronounced differently - and the Swedish mus and älg very differently.

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