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DL problems on iPhone

Hey DL staff! So, you may already be aware of this, but the DL app on my iPhone has a lot of problems. I have been doing German lessons, and there is a lot of incorrect stuff. For example, I translated the sentence, "Which house is your opposite" but the app said I used the wrong word and that the correct answer was, "Which house is yours opposite". This has been one of the many incorrect translations that it's had. :( So I'm sad that I am the one to bring this bad news, because I LOVE duolingo!!!!! I know it is not the most fun to hear complaints, but don't worry, I still think Duolingo is totally THE BEST! Keep up the good work on everything! :)

July 17, 2013



I don't believe it's only the iPhone. I find mangled syntax using an iPad. The web version has a handy little button for reporting errors; in the mobile world I guess we have to either come here to report errors or rely on the diligence of our colleagues in the desktop/laptop world.

PS: I love Duolingo too. :)


Agreed - I LOVE Duolingo and am quite addicted, but do wish there was a way to report errors on mobile versions

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