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  5. "I have no choice."

"I have no choice."

Translation:Níl aon rogha agam.

December 19, 2014



Is the "aon" necessary here? Could you say, "Níl rogha agam"? Does the "aon" add some degree of emphasis? I'm just thinking of various ways you could say this in English that mean more or less the same thing: I have no choice, I don't have a choice, I don't have any choice.


Without the aon I'd interpret it as 'I don't have a choice'. Slightly different.


The thing is, I don't see a heckuva lot of difference between them in English.


In English, “I don’t have a choice” can be ambiguous in meaning; it could mean either “I don’t have any choice” (which is how I would have interpreted the Irish translation back into English), or (less frequently) “I don’t have one choice”, which would be the case if I had two or more choices. I see “I have no choice” and “I don’t have any choice” as being identical in meaning.


Why nil AON rogha agam for "I have no choice", when it's Nil rogha agat for "you have no choice"? Surely they are the same and either alternative should be acceptable?


Níl rogha agat - "You do not have a choice"
Níl aon rogha agat sa cheist seo - "You have no choice in this question"

If there's a "you have no choice" exercise, I can't find it.

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