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  5. "Waar zijn de andere honden?"

"Waar zijn de andere honden?"

Translation:Where are the other dogs?

December 19, 2014


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How do we tell when to use "andere" and when to use "anderen"?

December 19, 2014


You use andere when it's in front of a noun:

  • Waar zijn de andere honden. (Where are the other dogs?)
  • Ik zie de andere vrouwen. (I see the other women.)
  • We gaan mee met de andere kinderen. (We go along with the other kids.)

You use anderen when it's 'independent':

  • Waar zijn de anderen? (Where are the others?)
December 20, 2014


Ahhh, so when it's acting like an adjective, it uses that "e" on the end. Thank you!

December 22, 2014


explanation above is incomplete: andere can also be used without being followed by a noun. anderen is used ONLY to signify people and never used as an adjective. andere is used as adjective AND independently to signify objects and animals.

ik eet met de anderen = I eat with the others

de hond eet met de andere = the dog eats with the other/others (it can be both singular or plural!)

mijn fiets staat bij de andere = my bike is with the other/others

March 30, 2016
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