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  5. "Waar zijn de andere honden?"

"Waar zijn de andere honden?"

Translation:Where are the other dogs?

December 19, 2014



How do we tell when to use "andere" and when to use "anderen"?


You use andere when it's in front of a noun:

  • Waar zijn de andere honden. (Where are the other dogs?)
  • Ik zie de andere vrouwen. (I see the other women.)
  • We gaan mee met de andere kinderen. (We go along with the other kids.)

You use anderen when it's 'independent':

  • Waar zijn de anderen? (Where are the others?)


Ahhh, so when it's acting like an adjective, it uses that "e" on the end. Thank you!


explanation above is incomplete: andere can also be used without being followed by a noun. anderen is used ONLY to signify people and never used as an adjective. andere is used as adjective AND independently to signify objects and animals.

ik eet met de anderen = I eat with the others

de hond eet met de andere = the dog eats with the other/others (it can be both singular or plural!)

mijn fiets staat bij de andere = my bike is with the other/others

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