"Cad é an fhadhb?"

Translation:What is the problem?

December 19, 2014

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People may not like her pronunciation, but she is a great actress. I really like the feeling she puts into this particular sentence.


Now that you bring it up, it seems so to me as well.


Would 'Cad í an fhadhb?' be more correct as 'fadhb' is feminine?


With interrogatives, apparently not — see its example Cé hé an bhean sin? (“Who is that woman?”).


It's not just interrogatives.

The pronoun doesn't refer to the word fadhb, so é is preferred over í (See An Caighdeán Oifigiúil, 8.2.6).

Is é an forainmneach firinscneach uatha é a úsáidtear in abairtí mar seo a leanas d’ainneoin ainmfhocal baininscneach a bheith iontu: is é mo thuairim; is é an aidhm; is é an bhrí; is é mo bharúil. Is ag tagairt don tuairim, don aidhm, don bhrí, etc. seachas don ainmfhocal féin atá an forainmneach.

Is é mo thuairimse gur fiú imeacht anois
Is é an aidhm atá leis líon na mac léinn a mhéadú
Is é an bhrí atá le “Coimisiún” an Coimisiún Eorpach
Is é mo bharúilse nár chóir dó éirí as
Is é an fhadhb go bhfuil sé ró-leisciúil


I had internalised this so I was curious to see the use of "í" for a generic idea in Ros na Rún (I realise this show isn't the gospel on good Irish). Colm, a Donegal speaker, says (S22, E2): "Tá a fhios agam nach bhfuil tusa ag iarraidh é sin a chloisteáil, ach is í an fhírinne í". Note the contrasting use of "é" and "í" in the same sentence to refer to the same generic idea.


Go raibh maith agat, a chara.


'dh' often is equivalent to 'y' in English, so the spelling isn't so weird.


the spelling of this word is the problem!!!


If I asked "what is your problem", would a different mutation occur on the word fadhb?


It would become d'fhadhb or bhur bhfadhb, depending on whether "your" is singular or plural.

Edit: Of course, it may be different in different dialects, which I haven't completely learned by heart...


I understand. As long as it's a general rule about the singular/plural "your", at least. For now, one dialect is enough for me. u_u Thanks!


Also, if you wanted to put emphasis on the 'your', 'what's YOUR problem', it'd be 'd'fhadhbsa / bhur bhfadhbsa.


Does she really care about my problem?

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