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  5. "The children play."

"The children play."

Translation:Barnen leker.

December 19, 2014



What is the difference between "Spelar" och "leker"

I get the feeling spelar has to do with playing a "thing" and "leker" is more in the sense of playing in general but I have no idea.


You are on to something.

  • Spela fotboll (play soccer)
  • Spela tv-spel (play video games)
  • Spela piano (play the piano)

  • Spela dum (act like a fool)

  • Leka kurragömma (Play hide and seek)

  • Leka med dockor (Play with dolls)
  • Leka med grannpojken (play with the boy next door)

You can also play with settings, cameras, configurations etcetera in the sense "experiment with" or "toy with".


If grannpojken means "boy next door" does grann mean neighbor (as in neighbor boy)?


(En) Granne = a neighbor.

I don't know who stole the E in grannpojken, but there is probably some spelling rule that explains it :)

[deactivated user]

    Barnen?? Isn't barnet the "the child, the children".


    Barnet = the child

    Barnen = the children


    could you use "ungar" instead of "barnen" ?


    En unge = ett barn. Ungarna = Barnen. So that would be "ungarna leker".

    I would recommend not using "unge" to refer to children, because it often (but not always) implies disobedience.

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