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General question about languages.

I'm trying to translate a very simple phrase/sentence (three words, one being a proper name) from english to various languages. For many languages there's multiple variations on this sentence. My question is . . . Is there a way to determine the proper version, or, since it's a very simple sentence will the people who speak that language understand it regardless of it's (possible) wrong usage?

I know this is a little vague, but not being able to speak another language (fluently) or have the opportunity to speak to someone who knows another language (or two), I'm not sure how forgiving people are when it comes to their native language (and how it's spoken/written). I know people who speak english are pretty forgiving, since you can butcher english and still understand it. ;)

Thanks for any feedback!

July 17, 2013



I'd say it depends on the language and how much you butcher it..


You could post the phrase online, here or on some social media, and ask for help.


The phrase I'm trying to translate is "I love Aaron." Obviously I've got it in German (and French, I live in Canada so french isn't too foreign.) Spanish, Italian and Portuguese would be helpful. I do have translations for those languages too, but I would feel relieved knowing I got them right (or wrong). I have a list of other languages as well, but covering these ones will help.

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