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  5. "We know the cook."

"We know the cook."

Translation:Wij kennen de kok.

December 19, 2014



I am just wondering when should i use "weten" and when "kennen". Thanks in advance!

  • kennen = to know in the sense of to be acquainted with
  • weten = to know in the sense of to have knowledge
  • ik ken deze stad = I know this city
  • ik ken haar niet zo goed = I don't know her well
  • ik ken deze grap al = I already know this joke
  • ik weet veel over deze stad = I know a lot about this city
  • ik weet veel over voetbal = I know a lot about football (association football that is)
  • ik weet het niet = I don't know


your explanation was really helpful ! :) thank you.


Why is this wij and not we?


Whahahaha ik zou eerder zeggen we know the chef


So, if I know facts about someone, I would use "weet"?

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