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Problem with Immersion

Guys, I have a small problem.

I uploaded an article and started translating it, but later I realized it doesn't appear on a list of articles on Immersion.

I'm just wondering why...

December 19, 2014



What has worked for me before is to remove the article and then re-enable it. You can do that at the bottom of the "Legend" section to the right of the article.

I have no idea why it glitches in the first place though.


Check that all the filters you have set are not showing the document you have uploaded. If you have a filter on difficulty, or article type, or showing Popular instead of Newest, you might not see yours.


I already did it, but no, it's not that. Thanks anyway for your suggestions :)


This happened to me as well


This happened to me as well. Also I was not awarded the 10XP for translating which never showed up in my total. I reported this in another discussion thread.

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