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Bug report: XP animation does not work on instance number 2 in a day

I have my coach set to 10 XP / day. The first time in a day I complete an exercise, I get the nice animation counting from 0 to 10 XP. (This is on the website, using Firefox.)

The second time in a day, the animation does not run. It just stays at 10 XP.

The third time, it works fine again, counting from 20 to 30, and it continues working for all further exercises in the day.

It's just a cosmetic issue, but I thought I'd report it anyway. :-)

December 19, 2014



My works fine, but I have mine running through Safari. Hope you're get fixed.


I noticed recently (at least the past three days) that it does not work for me either. Safari browser on a Macbook Pro.

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