"He listens to music at high volume."

Translation:Han lyssnar på musik på hög volym.

December 19, 2014

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Can someone explain why it's "i hög hastighet" (in another sentence - "a car drove by at high speed") whereas it's "på hög volym" here? Is it because 'at high speed' is implying that it's 'within' a range of speeds that are deemed 'high' whereas 'at high volume' is implying that the volume is at a 'fixed' high point? If so, that's very ambiguous. Or is it just a case of 'it doesn't follow any rule per se, so you just have to learn them individually'? Thanks.


I don't think there is a reason, really. Just prepositions being arbitrary.


Han lyssnar till musik på hög volym!


No, in Swedish we most often prefer to listen music, rather than till music. But you may well see both.


Visserligen. Men i skriftspråk tror jag att man retar sig på två stycken 'på' så nära, så då skulle 'lyssna till' slinka igenom för att balansera 'på hög volym'.


Mjo, möjligtvis.


"Till" känns mer och mer rätt, beroende på kontext. "Jag lyssnar till musiken på radio."


För egen del känns "på" mer rätt i båda kontexterna faktiskt. Men jag tar och redigerar min post till en något mer nyanserad bild.


I don't say that either, but we've discussed this and some people do, so we'll add that version. But we recommend using lyssna på.

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