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Forgot Password link not working

Hey, my sister is trying to access her account, but she has forgotten her password. We've tried clicking on the "forgot password?" link, but it goes nowhere. She's also tried sending a message to support, but the link they gave her only goes back to the log-in page. Obviously this isn't doing her any good, because she can't remember her password and the link is working. Any advice on what to do next?

December 19, 2014



You should get a space to type your email in. Does it say "error 404" when you try it?


The log-in just gave her a place to put in her user name and one to put in her password, she never saw anything for an email. And when she tried to use the forgot password link, it just wouldn't do anything, not even an "error 404" message. She ended up having to create a new account instead.


Hadn't thought of that. We'll give it a try!


Hello. I have similiar problem, and I solved by accident. :D I wrote my email and password. But it was wrong so I clicked "forgot password" and nothing.

Eventually I went into home page, clicked on LOG IN and didnt filled and email, just directly click on forgot passwords and it let me send pasword resset.


We'll give it a try!


I'm not sure. I told her, but she has been very busy, so I don't know if she tried it yet.

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