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  5. "Prøv det her slik."

"Prøv det her slik."

Translation:Try this candy.

December 19, 2014



Why wouldn't it be "prøv dette skik"?


I think you meant 'prøv dette slik'? If so, it's simply more common in spoken danish to use 'den/det her' instead of 'denne/dette'. Both is equally correct though.


Damn, I wish we could save comments on this site for future reference.


You can take a screenshot. :)


How do you mean that? Why is what 'this'?


Why is it this in the sentence?


If you mean why 'det her' equals 'this', then it's simply a common way in spoken danish to say 'this' instead of 'dette'. If that wasn't the question then I'm sorry.


Why not "Try that candy."? I though "det = that" whereas "dette = this"?


Try but not Taste this candy? What do you want me to do with it Duo?


Sorry, I am confused. Why again do you have to say "det her slik" and cannot just say "dette slik"? I simply do not understand the "her" in this or any other context unless you say something like "try this candy here", which would mean that I am offering you different candies but want you to try this particular one, possibly in comparison to the other ones. Is that the same in Danish or different?


So 'Prøv det nu' is 'Just try it' but 'Prøv det her slik' is not 'Just try this sweet' very confusing


Here is the "det her"+noun; in another sentence it was "det skab der" and using "det der skab" was marked as a mistake!

So can you say "det her slik" and not "det slik her", "det skab der" and not "det der skab"?

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