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  5. "Ser de godt?"

"Ser de godt?"

Translation:Do they see well?

December 19, 2014



I wrote "Can they see well." It was marked wrong in preference of the word "do" for "Do they see well." Either can or do should be correct as they construct the same question..


So, this can't mean "Do they look good?"


That would be a different construction: "Ser de gode ud?"

[deactivated user]

    I just stumbled across this thread and wanted to expand a bit.

    In your sentence, "gode" is an adjective. Therefore, it is used about things that are good.

    • "Superheltene ser gode ud" => "The superheroes look good" (i.e. it looks like they aren't evil)

    • "Kagerne ser gode ud" => "The cakes look good" (i.e. they look delicious)

    If you are referring to looks, you'd say "godt":

    • "De ser godt ud"


    Politeness form: do YOU see well.


    If it were the polite form then the "d" on de would have to be capital (i.e. Ser De godt?), if not then it means "they"


    engang i danmark... there is road rage!


    I am pretty sure I found a mistake here. It should be "do you see good?" because in this case "good" is the adverb in English, not "well." That is because "to see" is one of the senses and therefore stays the same even as an adverb.


    I would argue that "sight" is the sense, whereas "to see" is a verb, and being a verb it must take the adverbial form of "good" which is "well". "Do they see good" doesn't really make much sense


    You're right. "They see good" sounds wrong. What I was thinking about works with the word "look", like "They look good". Here "well" would sound wrong...Okay sorry about the mistake :/

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