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  5. "Eine Tasse Kaffee, bitte."

"Eine Tasse Kaffee, bitte."

Translation:A cup of coffee, please.

July 17, 2013



I translated this as "One coffee cup, please" and got it wrong. Is this because in the english, "coffee" is an adjective? I am unsure if german needs the word "of" (von? haven't learned this yet) in phrases such as "cup of coffee" "bottle of wine" etc


I thought the same thing and translated it as "A coffee cup, please" it was wrong.


German does not require the 'of' as 'Tasse Kaffee' already signifies the relationship between cup and coffee. It's just the way the language works. However, in English the 'of' is required as a 'cup coffee' doesn't make sense. I hope I could help.


I think if you want 'one' cup of coffee, you say: Eins Tasse Kaffee.

Can someone confirm that, please?


If I remember, you can say "ein" without the "s" and it means "one" if you're talking about an amount. "Eine Tasse Kaffee. Zwei Tassen Kaffee, etc.)


"Eins", or any other adjective for that matter, needs to take on the gender of the noun it's describing.


No preposition needed here? Can someone explain the structure of this sentence? I translated it as "A cup of coffee, please." It was correct, but I'm not quite sure how the sentence works..


You might say this when ordering a coffee. The verb is implied ("Give me a cup of coffee, please", "I would like a cup of coffee, please"...). Maybe that's what was confusing?


No, I thought it was a little confusing that in German you simply say "Tasse Kaffee" whereas in English we say "cup of coffee."


Thanks for clarifying! You're right, no preposition here. Instead, word order signals the relationship between "cup" and "coffee".

eine Tasse Kaffee = a cup of coffee

eine Flasche Wasser = a bottle of water

ein Löffel Zucker = a spoon (full) of sugar


how would you say "A coffee cup" then? since you don't have a word for OF in this case when you say "Eine Tasse Kaffee". Would you say Eine Kaffeetasse?


That's what I would say. Just like "a wine glass" would prob be "Ein Weinglas"

If it's a specific item, the words are together


Why do I have to say one cup of coffee and why can't I say one cup coffee


Because the preposition is needed to make sense grammatically in English. "A cup of coffee" is grammatically correct whereas "A cup coffee" isn't.


I typed "A cup coffee please" and it said I got it wrong. I don't understand why, because the "of" is understood.


The "of" is understood in German, not in English.


"One cup coffe, please" should be accepted. Not writing the preposition does not change the meaning besides it is also used in daily life regardless of whether it is grammatically correct or not.

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