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"The workers do not trust the boss."

Translation:Arbetarna litar inte på chefen.

December 20, 2014



why does Chefen need the På in front of it. Chefen is already "The boss" på seems pointless and confusing. The workers trust not on the boss??


Doesn't "att tro" also mean "to trust?"


”Att tro” means ”to believe, to have faith in” so they’re similar but not exactly the same. If you’d say ”tror inte på chefen”, it would have been ”don’t believe in what the boss says”.


1) The workers don't trust the boss in difficult situations
2) The workers don't trust what the boss says
Does this sentence mean 1, 2 or both of these?


Does anyone have a memory aide for litar? It's like new to me every single time it comes up


In this case, does på mean something like 'in?' The workers don't trust in the boss?

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