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  5. "Nej tack!"

"Nej tack!"

Translation:No, thanks!

December 20, 2014



Found this a bit interesting (even though I knew the correct answers)

Tack - Thank you Ja, Tack - Yes Please Nej Tack - No Thanks (No Thank you?)

How do you know when Tack becomes Please? I sort of understand how "Nej Tack wouldn't be No Please)

But Ja, Tack? .. how do I know if its Yes Please or Yes Thank You?


Swedish does not really use a word for ”please”. ”Tack” covers both ”please” and ”thank you”.


When you speak swedish we don't say 'thank you' for we only say 'thanks', sometimes, and to say yes, thank you is the longer version of yes, please and we like to make things short! :DDD


I am sorry but could you explain about "and to say yes, thank you is..." again? :(


I thought "No thank you" was a perfectly functional translation of Nej Tack, but I was marked wrong. :(


I agree with you, and the machine tells me that's an accepted answer. I can't tell you what happened, hopefully just some temporary glitch. Report it if it happens again.


If that happens again, please send an error report or take a screenshot, so we have something to show to the developers.

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