"Jag kommer aldrig att kunna förlåta honom."

Translation:I will never be able to forgive him.

December 20, 2014

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It seems "I never will be able to forgive him" should be accepted. I realize the order of the Swedish sentence has the "will" first and "never" second, but the translation seems valid (particularly if you prefer not to split verbs).


The audio at "normal" speed is nearly impossible to understand, which is something which applies to at least half of the audio drills in this "restore gold" lesson.

Duo has really loused up the Swedish course with this new voice.


Why is "I will never forgive him" a correct answer?


It is not an accepted answer, and it shouldn't be, because the Swedish sentence is Jag kommer aldrig att kunna förlåta honom, which means I will never be able to forgive him.

I will never forgive him would be Jag kommer aldrig att förlåta honom.


Yes, I see my misstake now. Thanks!


I am never going to ... Would be acceptable?


So what would be the translation for "I will never come to forgive him" mostly asking to know how it would look if you switched the "be able to" part. Thanks


Why 'I will never know how to forgive him' is wrong? When I click the word 'kunna', it shows the word can mean 'know how to'.


Because as @Arnauti said before. The "kunna" here means "be able to" and not "know how to".

"Jag kommer aldrig veta hur man förlåter honom" is closer to "I will never know how to forgive him".

Hope it helps.


Seems to make sense. Tack!


Is "I will never know how to forgive him" wrong?


Yes. See the earlier comments on this page!


why not 'shall'? the difference in meaning is more one of emphasis than anything else


Historically "shall" has had various meanings in English, and even nowadays it can mean different things and can be used differently by English as spoken in different parts of the world.

My understanding is that for that reason Duo avoids the use "shall". In particular, to indicate future, Duo uses "will" rather than "shall" for all grammatical persons.

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