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They should make a back button

I was just strengthening possessives and I got a task asking to mark all correct translations for "Your child loves animals." I marked "Ert barn älskar djur" but it turned out "Erat barn" is also a valid translation. I wanted to find the sentence and post on its discussion, but I guess nobody has commented on it yet. For the life of me, I have been searching through the discussions and I cannot find it. If there were a back button, users could go back to sentences if they need to do so.

December 20, 2014



Good point. As to the sentence that prompted this. Erat is really the same word as ert. In spoken language people often say erat maybe because it is easier to say.


våran/eran are parallell forms of vår/er, and parallell developments. They have an old accusative adjective form that was put there analogically already in Old Swedish, and that we still see in fixed expressions in the standard language, such as "stå i ljusan låga" be all ablaze and "i godan ro" in peace and quiet.


Interesting. So erat/eran are old ackusative forms of er?


This was very interesting indeed! There are some more examples here of old accusative, dative and genitive forms that are still used.


This was because the answer with "erat" had ended up marked as a "best" answer, which it shouldn't be. It should only be an "accepted" answer. I've changed that now so I hope "erat" won't appear like that again.


Thanks to all of you who commented.


I made a similar post literally just yesterday about a similar thing, and someone shared a solution in the comments. It's a workaround that involves third-party add ons, but it's worked pretty well for me so far!

My post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6059002

The solution: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1453573


Hi m.aster! Thanks for commenting. Unfortunately, the scripts haven't been working for me. I used to see the one that showed other people's progress (in a bar graph form, for the week) and it was very useful. Now it only shows up on my Italian homepage. The review lesson one never worked. When I go to the Chrome extension page, instead of saying "install" it says "reinstall".


Hmm, you could try to remove the script, then install it again.

  • Go into the Tampermonkey extension Options (if Tampermonkey isn't in your address bar, you might have to go into Menu > Extensions > More Tools to find it)
  • Choose the Installed Userscripts tab on the upper right
  • Click the trash can
  • Around this point, I'd check if you need to upgrade Chrome, then restart the program
  • Install the script

I've only used the review lesson script (though I installed the full set). I tested it with timed and regular (new progress bar) sessions and it has worked in both, so I think your problem can be resolved :)


I tried... one script is working still, but that's it. I'll see if my son can fix it. Kids are always good at IT. Thanks so much for the post anyway. Hopefully others will see it too, and it will help them.


No problem. Good luck!

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