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Irish for kindle?

I know Irish is a new course and technically still in beta, but I noticed that Irish has been added for iPhone and Android, but is not yet on the Kindle fire / Amazon app. Will that be updated in the immediate future or are you waiting to finalize the course more?

December 20, 2014


[deactivated user]

    I've asked twice about this myself. No response from anyone who knows anything. We are left to assume that it's Amazon who's just taking their time to update their app store, but I haven't even heard whether an indle version as been submitted to Amazon. I was wondering if maybe they are waiting to add new features like thee progress bar or add Swedish and other newer language courses, but no word at all. So I don't know. Our current vesion for Kindle was last updated in September 2013. Maybe Amazon is part of the problem but frankly at this point I just don't think updating the Kindle app is high on Duo's priority list. Of course, anyone from Duo is welcomed to correct me on that.


    I really want it on the Kindle too.


    I really hope they add it, and Swedish, and Dutch, and Danish. It is nice not to have to move text boxes around in order to see what you are doing.

    [deactivated user]

      Are you referring to the "Unsupported Language Detected" pop-up? I get that when I open the app if my account on the main site is set to irish or Swedish. It's extremely annoying. It's like a constant reminder that the app is terribly out-of-date and more than a few times I have closed it improperly, so it opens up some random langauge course that I don't want and then I have to fiddle to get back to my language courses.


      I'd love for this to come to fruition. My son primarily uses his Kindle for Duolingo lessons (he is learning Spanish, Swedish, and Irish), but he can only do Spanish on it... he seems to prefer Swedish though, so it'd be great if he could practice the other two on his Kindle.

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