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"Do you dare to hold the spider?"

Translation:Vågar du hålla i spindeln?

December 20, 2014



Can somebody explain Vågar du hålla i spindeln? Where does the hålla i came from?


Hålla is an interesting word. Alone it means to hold. So it would be correct to only ask vågar du hålla spindeln. If you say hålla i it means that you are more careful not letting it go. Maybe this also is related to the fact that combining hålla with a particle can change the meaning in a whole bunch of ways.

  • Hålla av = to hold dear
  • Hålla efter = to tend to
  • Hålla ihop = to stick together
  • Hålla med = to agree
  • Hålla på = to be in the state of doing something
  • Hålla upp = to hold (in the sense of being on hold)
  • Hålla ut = to sustain


what about "att hålla" as "to keep"? att hålla din hälsa?


This is gold, and explains a lot. Thank you so much


”Hålla i” means to hold. You usually create it with the preposition ”i”. Think of it as holding it IN your hands.


Like the german "festhalten"?


Not really, festhalten is hålla fast, while hålla i generally just means halten.


I used att hålla (which is a bit closer to how we say it in English) instead of hålla i, and it was also marked correct.

[deactivated user]

    Same here, so both are correct?


    "Vågar" reminds me of Ukrainian "вагатися", which means "to hesitate". The meaning is quite the opposite, but these words sound similar to me. I wonder if they are related or maybe it is just a coincidence.


    From what I have been able to find out, they're not related. However, "våga" is related to возити if you go very far back.


    What's the reason for 'hålla på' not being correct? Holding on to the spider?


    It sounds wrong. "Hålla på" isn't used like this.

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