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"This is certainly a fantastic occasion."

Translation:Dit is zeker een fantastische gelegenheid.

December 20, 2014



How would you distinguish between this and 'this is certainly a fantastic opportunity'? They're quite different in english...


In that case one might use "mogelijkheid" or "kans". "Gelegenheid" can also be used but in that case you will need to distinguish based on the context.


Gelegenheid en aangelegenheid zijn synoniem


I'm confused by "zeker". One dictionary listed it as a synonym to "waarschijnlijk". Can it mean both "probably" and "certainly"?


No there is definitely a difference, zeker is certainly and waarschijnlijk is probably (som sikker og sandsynligvis på Dansk/Svensk)


Thank you for answering. I don't doubt that "certainly" is the most common meaning for the adverb "zeker", but four different dictionaries tell me it also used similarly to "waarschijnlijk" (this one, for example: http://www.woorden.org/woord/zeker).

Example sentences that I've found:

"Jij komt zeker met de trein?"

"Hij komt zeker weer te laat."

So does it mean "certainly" or "probably" in these cases?


In the first case it indeed means 'probably' but that is because of the context. It is posed as a question, if it wasn't a question it would have the translation: "You will certainly come by train." In the second case it literally translate into: "He will come certainly again too late" but because it is a loose statement you can translate it into 'probably'. You can't really be certain he will be too late.


Thanks again, that makes sense.

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