"I feel nauseated."

Translation:Jag mår illa.

December 20, 2014

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why is "jag känner mig illa" not accepted?


We don't say that. illa is an adverb, but after Jag känner mig you need an adjective. Accepted versions with Jag känner mig right now are dålig, illamående and äcklad.

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    I thought this section was about adjectives and now illa is thrown into the mix as an adverb. We're trying our best out here to make sense of these lessons.


    I noticed that using adjectives vs adverbs varies across languages. So maybe the idea is to teach this particular case, where English uses an adjective Swedish uses an adverb. For example in Polish is the same as in Swedish. Another example Maten smakar gott and The food tastes good (not well).

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      I really appreciate your input here. Thank you for taking the time to give me another perspective on this lesson.


      Interesting note about känner mig needing an adjective. Could someone say something more about that? Do other reflexive verbs use adjectives? What is it about känner mig that makes using an adverb incorrect?


      Looking at the word illamående, it looks like it breaks down to illa (unwell) + (to feel [good or bad]) + ende (state of being). So Jag känner mig illamående transliterates as "I feel unwell-feeling." Is that correct?


      Can someone define mår for me?


      I'm wondering the same, I can't remember coming across it before.


      mår describes how you feel, in terms of well vs unwell. Jag mår bra = 'I'm fine', jag mår dåligt = 'I feel sick, unwell, or nauseated'. You cannot more descriptive adverbs like glad 'happy' etc, it's just bra or dåligt and similar.


      Thanks. Was that taught somewhere though? I got it as a mobile exercise where you have to choose and put words in the right order (so there's no word hint), and it completely confused me. Could be I just forgot, of course.


      Let's see… It's in Verbs present 3, the first lesson, so it's quite a bit earlier in the tree than you are now.


      ... Well... Guess I have some relearning to do.

      Thank you.


      Can it be "jag känner mig bra" also?


      How do you know that "illa" is "nauseated" and not some other kind of feeling bad or feeling sick?


      bad and sick are accepted answers the other way around. Also unwell, which might even be the best of them all – but I think all of them work.


      England here. In my experience 'to feel nauseated' means to feel emotionally affected by some terrible, shocking behaviour or incident and you could also say 'I felt sickened'. To actually be feeling physically ill when you might feel like vomitting is 'to feel nauseous' or 'to feel sick'. If you were describing how you felt the day before you would say 'I felt nauseous' or 'I felt sick'.


      So mår for asking/telling about feeling unwell and kanner for everything else?


      Not quite. It's correct to say that mår is restricted to feeling well or unwell, but känner sig can be used for everything. Jag känner mig illamående basically means the same as Jag mår illa.


      How one indicates that it involves inclination to vomit.


      "jag känner mig yr" ?


      That means "I'm feeling dizzy".


      This sentence is corresponding to the translation of "Nausea" which is illamående

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