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My Streaks keep on going

Dear Duolingo, I've lost my streak for the 4th time this year, whilst having earned xp and having a streak freeze at the same time, this is getting ridiculous now, I should have about 350 day streak but I have 0, please can I have it back

December 20, 2014



According to our records, you didn't get any XP on December 19th. Did you forget one day?


No, I'm on every day and earn xp every day


From what I see on your profile you have:

Mo 131

Tu 111

We 115

Th 12

Fr 0

Sa 10

So 0 points on Friday makes it a broken streak.


Agreed. His profile data shows the last XP earning activity prior to the lapse was 1 point earned on 18 Dec 2014 at 21:25:51 UTC (one of 4 separate XP events within 15 seconds of each other totaling 12 points on the day), and then nothing until 5 points earned on 20 Dec 2014 at 19:01:42 UTC (one of 2 XP events that occurred within 11 seconds of each other for a total of 10 points that day).



It is possible that you did lessons offline.


No, I did lessons on my tablet


You may have a better chance of the staff contacting you by emailing support@duolingo.com. Also click on the support tab on the far left of your screen. Hope I helped :)


I have the same issue. I was at 259 and it went to 0. Then the next day it didn't increment at all. Every day I make sure to see the increment and have. Very frustrating!!!


I had the excact same thing happening to me on thursday the 18th. I was on a 11 day streak I believe and I am SURE I earned my points that day. The next day (Friday 19) when I opened the duolingo app on my Iphone my streak was over and the lessons I had learned in my tree were gone! I felt so betrayed! Haha

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