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  5. "Katterna äter möss."

"Katterna äter möss."

Translation:The cats eat mice.

December 20, 2014



Ohh I realize now :), Katterna means "the cats", but can i just say "Katter äter möss", as I just saw "Ankor äter fisk"?, I know it means "ducks eat fish" (without the "the"), it's just that when i translate it to spanish both for me means "the" ducks, i cannot say "patos comen pescado", I always say "los patos comen pescado". A Little bit confuse for me, but I try :)


This is an exercise just to let you prove you can tell "cats" (katter) from "the cats" (katterna). Time will come to talk as in the real world. For now, let's keep practising...


I just spelled cats with two Ts... svenka gör mig galen


how would i say "the mouse"?


mus -> musen (the mouse)

möss -> mössen (the mouses)


I don't understand why I can't say "mouses". I'm not english native and for me "möss" (plural of "mus") means "mouses" in english


Mouse has an irregular plural as mice in standard English usage.


Virtually no native English speaker knows where this came from or can explain it ! (You are in good company.) For fun, we can say mouses have houses and everyone knows. Saying mouses instead of mice--no biggie.

Now, lice instead of louse, that's a problem!

But why not spice for plural spouses? Illegal !


Is so confusing to know when to say "is eating, reading etc.. with -ing"


Eats, reads, are exactly the same thing as "is eating", "is reading" in Swedish. There is no difference.


Is it an ett word?


Seems like there's a bit of a hiccough-y glitch in the synthesized voice for möss.

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