Troubleshooting: German words learned and Strengthen skills

Hi, I suspect that something is wrong with my "words learned" list and that this is affecting other parts of the system.

A while ago, I discovered that words that I had just practiced, were not changing status on the "words learned" list. Say, I would just have practiced Foods and the word "Brot". Still, the word would continue to be listed as weak, and it would say that the last time I practiced it was 3 months ago.

As I understand it, the strength or weakness of my "words learned" influence what questions I get when I use the general "strengthen skills" function. I started suspecting that something was wrong because I would keep getting the same "easy" questions over and over, and very rarely advanced questions, even though I was half way through the tree. I tried a friend's account and noticed that she was getting more difficult questions that me.

I had an opportunity to test this as well: by using the Flashcard exercise on the "words learned" page, I managed to actually "strengthen" many of the words that did not seem to be updating through normal practice. After that, the quality of the questions I got in the general "strengthen skills" function changed markedly.

It doesn't look like all users are having the same problem (f.ex. my friend). So I wonder if many people are having it, and if something can be done about it.

Best, L

December 20, 2014


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Hello. I've noticed something similar on Duolingo. This seems to also happen when you acquire XP either through Immersion or completing lessons, yet the XP doesn't instantaneously allocate to your total XP on your profile. I've found that completely closing my browser and reopening it will have everything load properly. It's ridiculous that such an action needs to be taken in order for things to match up, but for now it's a working solution. Duolingo's website still needs quite a bit of work in few key areas. Have you tried restarting your browser to see if the status of your words updates?

December 20, 2014

Hi. Thanks for your input, but it seems that my problem is rather different from yours. Mine is that some words on my word list are completely failing to update their strength when I practice them in exercises/lessons. And this means that the "strengthen skills" exercises based that are becoming repetitive, not focusing on the words I really need to be strengthening.

Some words still say that the last time I practiced them was three months ago, even though I have practiced them repeatedly since.

December 23, 2014

+bdcathey - i've become so frustrated with this, that i've stopped doing lessons every day, and am considering quitting. i've tried to post questions on this, but get only answers that don't relate to me. however, i will try your suggestion of closing my browser. if this makes a difference, i will be SO thrilled.

February 13, 2019
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