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  5. "Ægteskaberne"


Translation:The marriages

December 20, 2014



so does this word literally translate to "the real cupboards" or did i take it apart in translation incorrectly

if it IS, is there a story behind that? because that sounds like an incredible word for marriages aha


There are many "cupboards" in the Danish language: Borgerskab, venskab, partnerskab, ondskab, vildskab, ægteskab, etc., In much the same way that there are "boats" in the English language: Friendship, citizenship, partnership, championship, membership, etc. The suffix "ship" in English means a state or condition, and I belive the same applies to the Danish "skab".


I wondered the same and thanks for the explanation. I found this wiktionary page where it says what this old suffix -skapiz that represents "state" turned into in different languages. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Reconstruction:Proto-Germanic/-skapiz


Thanks. That is a very interesting link showing the connection between "skab" and "ship".


ah so it's just a suffix then? that's really cool! thx for lettin me know m8 :)


"There are many "cupboards" in the Danish language."

:-D You made my day. Have a lingot.


Is its history that marriage is the egg cupboard?


Am I wrong to think that "The weddings" should be accepted?


Et bryllup means "a wedding" (as in the actual event where marriages are started)


good explanations here i really enjoy thinking about word relatioships and of course its so helpful in learning the words


The language rule that should allow Ae as Æ is misfiring when it is the first letter. People are crowd sourcing ways of writing "æ" here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/44563818


Is there any error checking going on in reviewing sets?

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