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Practice box gone

I no longer see the practice box that used to occur in the right hand column.

May 4, 2012



I think things have been changed; not all bugs. The practise box is now a circle by the skill tree, I think.


I miss that owl. I always felt guilty making me cry.


there seems to be a number of bugs happening tonight.


Ya, and the owl is gone! Horror!!!


The new blue "Practice" circle does not go away when you have done a practice session. Also, it seems to be like an arrow pointing at top row of the chart, but as you scroll the window, it moves down the chart. I wonder what that signifies.


Hmm... There's no way to see now whether you've done a practice today or not, only whether you've got points today. But being able to keep doing the practices is good.


As for the circle pointing to different places... It's actually pointing to a bracket, which doesn't move, which encompasses various topics... I'm not sure if it gives you several brackets/a choice between brackets when you have enough topics activated though.


I think the idea is that it's showing you what your practice is encompassing. And I like that it doesn't go away, it means I can practice everything as many times as I want - not just once a day.


As nibudd said, the practice "button" is pointing to a bracket, that shows you the area from which the practice questions can come.

And that the practice "button" doesn't go away, is probably the "fault" of the people that wanted to have more than one practice session per day. Now they can have many as they like.

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