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what's the difference between étranger and étrangère??

vous êtes étranger (étrangère)? thanks.

October 30, 2012



i think it's the gender, thus many words ending in "e" are for feminine and the ones that doesn't have an "e" are for masculine. This also involves plurals when words for feminine ends in "es" and the ones for masculine ends in "s"


Étranger is for a male stranger. Étrangère is for a female stranger.


Correct. For instance, un étranger is a foreign man, une étrangère is a foreign woman. Used as an adjective (in the sense of strange or unknown) it has to agree with the number and gender of the subject. But l'ètranger is a foreign place (abroad), not a person, and is always masculine.


If you translate stranger as "étranger[e]", you mean they are from another place. If you mean they are unknown, use "inconnu[e]" instead. It's one of those false friends.

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