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Greek Lesson 3

Hi everybody! In this lesson you'll learn how to talk about you, the nationalities and how to present a friend to another person in Greek. Here's the vocabulary. I don't write how the words are pronounced because you've probably learnt it on Greek Lesson 1

  • Είμαι ο / η ... = I am (in the previous lesson,I showed how to say My name's is ... in Greek, to say I am .... in Greek you just say the word είμαι and after that you put the article ο or η, ο if you are a man and η if you are a woman, and then you say your name, quite simple, isn't it?)
  • Είμαι ... χρονών. = I am ... years old (in the ... you say the number of your age in the genitive case, I'll show numbers and their cases in another lesson)
  • Είμαι ... = I am (to say your nationality, you have just to say the verb είμαι and then say your nationality, you can see some European nationalities below)
  • Έλληνας / Ελληνίδα = Greek
  • Άγγλος / Αγγλίδα = English (in Greek, although the words Άγγλος / Αγγλίδα literally mean English, Greek people use them to describe a person who comes from the UK, no matter if he or she is from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland)
  • Γάλλος / Γαλλίδα = French
  • Γερμανός / Γερμανίδα = German
  • Ιταλός / Ιταλίδα = Italian
  • Ισπανός / Ισπανίδα = Spanish

In the nationalities above you can see the masculin / feminin form of the words. I will show you more nationalities in Greek in another lesson. However, if you want to learn how your nationality is in Greek, post it on my stream! :)

And here are some phrases to introduce a person to another :

  • Από εδώ ο / η ... = Here's ...
  • Αυτός είναι ο ... / Αυτή είναι η ... = He is ... / She is ...

More Greek lessons are on the way! :)

Greek discussions directory

Παναγιώτης :)


December 20, 2014



You have the alphabet, a directory of previous lessons...it's amazing!


contribute for it! it's not a very good way to teach without audio available.


Yes,I know. :( I've already applied for the Greek for English course, but I've received no reply! Till then, I'll continue to teach in discussions, because I know that there are many people here who are looking forward to learning Greek! There are several videos on youtube, and in the next lesson, I'll probably give links for some.


hope to see both Greek & Persian on Duolingo in 2015... den ta paratoun pote!


I reckon around 300 people will sign up for it.


Panagiotis you are a genius. This is just what I've been looking for. Many thanks.


Great job panagiotists, many on here are definetly interested in learning greek. I hope Duolingo gets back to you soon. Best of luck bud.

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