"The summer is somewhat windy."

Translation:L'estate è piuttosto ventosa.

July 18, 2013

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Has anyone else had it marked wrong when they put un po' due to lack of an apostrophe even though you put it?


Yes. It happens to me often. I have reported but they didn't fix it. :(


I had it marked wrong with the apostrophe. This was the pull-down cue. Go figure. Somewhat, a little bit, rather, a bit. It all seems the same to me. However, i think my real problem was the gender of ventoso/a.

YES. This time, I changed the agreement of windy to feminine, and my answer was accepted with un po'


Yes, that happened to me today. So it seems that even 4 years later, Duolingo has not fixed this error.


alquanto ventosa is accepted if someone is interested


It wasn't for me in 2000!


I had it marked wrong AND I put the apostrophe. This is another worthless hint that makes this free "whatever" a joke. It should be free.


Is it really incorrect to say 'un poco' instead?


29/4/20, I wrote "un po' ventoso", with accent, marked wrong. I understand from the comments above DL want the accent, but (still) doesn't see it? ... Other comment: to me (non-native neither in IT nor in E), 'piuttosto' is closer to 'rather' than to 'somewhat', anyone can clarify?


Edit: as 'estate' is fem., it should be 'ventosa', not 'ventoso'. So that could be why my answer was marked wrong (and not the missing accent)... My question concerning piuttosto still holds.


My answer "L'estate é un po' ventosa" was accepted so yes, it should be "ventosA" not "ventosO" (October 2020).


I originally wrote 'piuttosto ventosa', then checked the hints because of 'somewhat' and changed it to 'un po''. Frustrating!


Why "piuttosto", not "un po'" as "somewhat"? Really don't understand

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