"The summer is somewhat windy."

Translation:L'estate è piuttosto ventosa.

July 18, 2013



Has anyone else had it marked wrong when they put un po' due to lack of an apostrophe even though you put it?

July 18, 2013


Yes. It happens to me often. I have reported but they didn't fix it. :(

April 7, 2014


Yes, me too

February 4, 2016


Yes, that happened to me today. So it seems that even 4 years later, Duolingo has not fixed this error.

February 18, 2018


alquanto ventosa is accepted if someone is interested

December 16, 2014


Is it really incorrect to say 'un poco' instead?

May 3, 2014


Dictionary hints not helpful once more. "Windy" is translated ventoso in the hints, which is wrong and which naturally screws up the rest of the sentence. un po' ventoso is marked wrong, with piuttosto ventosa supplied as the correct answer - the only problem being that piuttosto is not in the dictionary hints. On recycling through, it turns out that un po' ventosa is also correct, so i'm not sure why Duo wouldn't just give credit for that and mark ventoso as wrong.

October 22, 2017


It looks like there has been a problem with this exercise for more than four years. I had the same issue as you.

February 18, 2018
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