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Duolingo optimisations (Mainly for mobile)

Dear people of Duolingo,

I have been using Duolingo for 10 months now and so far my French progress has been huge. Most of this progress is made in the mobile app.

1: On the iPhone it works fine with screen size but on the iPad, the Duolingo Mobile 4 has made a downgrade in my opinion. This is because there is less use of the available space. Is there a possibility the enhanced space use will return like in Duolingo Mobile 3?

Duolingo Mobile 3 image: http://wpuploads.appadvice.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Duolingo-for-iPad-2.jpg?showGallerySet=false

2: Now I do more than 50XP per day, can the coach be set to a custom amount of XP?

3: When I do an assignment, and I am in a bad internet zone, sometimes Duolingo doesn't save the progress. Could there be a way where the XP of the day will be saved locally first so that when the netwerk improves, the progress isn't lost?

Thanks in advance,


December 20, 2014

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I like your idea for 3. Only this morning I finished an exercise on my app and Duo hung before registering my results. When I was finally able to check, the exercise had not been recorded.

However, it may not be as simple as updating the progress because it may also affect ones streak for that day, and that could involve having to go back, reinstating your streak etc. and that could create a security hole which some adept hacker could manipulate.

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