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How to recover from switching native language? Help!!!

I subscribe to six different languages on Duolingo--English to German, English to French, English to Spanish, etc., some on higher levels than others (Level 14 and Level 9, for example). Just for fun, on my DL app (iPhone), I opened the course "French for German speakers" to see what it would be like. It was fun, but I saw what I wanted to see and tried to switch my app back to my English to German, etc., languages. The app would not recognize me as an English speaker, and the progress I'd made on my six languages was gone! I deleted the app and reinstalled it, but it came up again with German as my native language. Then I went to my Mac, and my computer too thinks I'm a German speaker, and my progress in the six languages is missing here too. Have I lost everything??? Help!!!

December 20, 2014

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No problem, you are in the German language tree. Click at the flag besides your profile on the top, choose "Neuen Kurs hinzufügen". At the top on the right side you will see "Ich spreche Deutsch". Click on "Deutsch" and choose "Englisch" in the list. Then choose "Deutsch" and accept "Zum Kurs". You are now back in your language and will get back your progress. Hope it helps.


Thanks so much! That works. The app was still giving me trouble, though, so once I was restored on the Mac, I deleted the app (again) and reinstalled it (again). Now I'm back in business. That was a close one! (Or not!) I was worried not only about losing all the progress I'd made in six languages but also about my 700+ Lingots!!! Danke, Merci, and so on!


I look forward to Russian being in beta. I'd like Japanese and Chinese too, but I'm thinking there's a huge keyboard issue for those languages that makes it hard for DL to deal with...

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