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Suggestion: Review mistakes at end of lesson

I think it would be great if at the end of a lesson, or even when you fail one, if there was a slide showing the problems you got wrong, your responses to them, and the correct response.

I know when I've studied in the past I've gained the most understanding by getting something wrong and then having time to dwell on it later. In the middle of answering a set of questions I don't really get that chance to consolidate everything in my head and review my mistakes - I've forgotten those 2 questions later. Not to mention that often when I'm in the middle of practice I just hit enter automatically and zoom past many "incorrect" notifications.

As always, appreciate all the hard work you duo-ers are putting into this wonderful program!

July 18, 2013



I agree, this is a good idea. It helps to review and analyze what you did wrong. It may have been a typo or a silly mistake, but often once reviewed it helps in future sentence structure. This is a great program. I've told several people about it and they are starting to use it.

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