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"En man och en flicka dricker mjölk."

Translation:A man and a girl drink milk.

December 20, 2014



"A man and a girl are drinking milk" this also works... but i dont understand the grammar


In Swedish, the grammar does not distinguish between present tense action (at the exact moment) and the gerund form of an action (an -ing verb). For example: "Hon dricker" can mean "she drinks" and "she is drinking", depending on the context of a situation for how it used. Because Duolingo does not give a specific situation (usually) in that you would be able to discern which situation it is, Duolingo will allow either translation.


Thanks for your explanation. I did not understand too.


Thank you for the explanation.


Wouldn't "a man and a girl are drinking milk" also be correct?


Yes, that is also accepted.


I do not understand why there is no s. Why is it drink not drinks


There are two people, so you don't use the singular -s form.


I don't understand when I write "man" or "män" in swedish?

  • man = man
  • män = men


I have gone back to practice this, and I am still confused if I pronounce the "ch" like a "ck" sound in clock, in the word "och", I think i remember seeing a comment saying when it is on its own then yes, if in a sentance its more of just an "o"? I can say the sentance easier pronouncing the "ch", but when I just leave it as an "o" sound, my tongue gets twisted saying the sentance :p

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