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Duolingo Tips and Notes "handbook"

As somebody who is re-learning French through Duolingo I've found the Tips and Notes at the beginning of each lesson to be extremely helpful. They're short enough to keep my attention the whole way through but still pack in enough examples and tips to refresh my memory on small things that I've forgotten.

Have you ever considered putting together a "handbook" in the app where students could flip through the Tips and Notes cards to refresh their memories on topics they've forgotten? It seems this would be especially helpful if you could download the handbook to a mobile device and use it offline, say, while traveling in another country and away from WiFi?

December 20, 2014



Seems like users could create one themselves. I have a notebook where I've been taking notes about mistakes I've made, or idiomatic phrases that I keep forgetting. I've included many Tips and Notes explanations in it. I also have an open Word file that I use for copying and pasting links for resources, or explanations other users have given about confusing things. Preparing these tools is one way (at least for me) of learning.


My thought was that since the Tips and Notes were already such high-quality references (for me at least) it would be nice to have an easier way to flip through them or access them on mobile. Also, it could auto-update as they are added/improved.

But making something like that myself would probably be a lot more beneficial for my own learning. Do you have any suggestions on apps/formatting to make my own handbook on a mobile device?


This is something I've wanted myself, and ended up using spanishdict.com for that purpose, instead. Once I tried to traverse the whole tree and read all the tips and notes at once but it was a huge pain to do that. I would love to have an easy link to all of them at once. Great idea! Have a lingot!


Hey thanks!!!

I'll check out spanishdict.com, since I'm studying Spanish too. It seems that another benefit of having it built into Duolingo is that it might auto-update when new Tips and Notes are added or changed.


Please check out this page at duome.eu, which seems to contain tips and notes for most or all languages: https://www.duome.eu/tips/en If you want, you can easily make a PDF for offline storage: right click with your mouse, choose Print, and then select "Save as PDF" (or something like that, my Windows version is in Dutch unfortunately).

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