"Hon är årtiondets kvinna."

Translation:She is the woman of the decade.

December 21, 2014

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I wonder why it says THE woman? There is kvinna, not kvinnan.


In genitive constructions like this in Swedish, both nouns are considered definite.
It isn't possible to have the definite form after the genitive (you can't in English either, you don't say the girl's the book).


...but still there are two determiners before the century and before the woman in English translation.


But the Swedish sentence directly translates to She is the decade's woman. The English Translation is She is the woman of the decade because it is a much more natural construction.


This is actually set up the same way as English. Taking another example, you can say in English, Stockholm is the capital of the country, or you can say Stockholm is the country's capital. In English, we're more likely to use the former, I can't explain why we pick the longer version but we do, whereas in Swedish the latter is almost always, if not exclusively, used. Definitely encourage mod's/native speakers to let me know of exceptions.


the real translation should have been "the decade's woman"

(i think. Because it would make more sense)


"The decade's woman" is a more literal translation that better captures the grammar of the Swedish sentence. However, "the woman of the decade" is equivalent in English, and is much more likely to be said by a native speaker.


How come "She is woman of the decade" is wrong? To me it sounds better without that extra "the" and matches better since it's "kvinna" not "kvinnan"


Several people in this thread had been asking about this, and I agree, so I've added this translation now. Since your comment was highest up, I'm hijacking it and removing the other ones. :)


Woman of the Decade sounds like a title, I know duo doesn't correct for capitalization but I encourage those who use this translation to keep this in mind.


I dont understand what this sentence actually means


It honestly doesn't make much sense in Swedish, either. I'm guessing maybe some business magazine named someone "woman of the decade", just like e.g. Time magazine name "person of the year".


Is anyone else finding the pronunciation of this is a lot more strict than other words? (Mainly the word årtiondet) - Unless I'm completely messing it up. I tried 15+ times until finally really stressing the 'tio' in it (nothing like the sample speech) when it finally went green.

Unsure of how I'm pronouncing this so wrong. I'm copying the sample voice tone for tone.


I'm having the same problem every time this word comes up. (There are a couple that routinely hang me up.) Other words I can butcher and it'll give me a pass, but it gets really picky on some.


Hello, JH! I see you posted this only 11 moths ago. What platform are you using wherein the app allows you to have your pronunciation evaluated? Or, is this a Plus feature I didn't know about? I mostly study on my desktop computer and I haven't been prompted to speak into the microphone since my first few lessons 2 months/16 subjects ago.


Not a plus feature. I've been able to use it on my laptop but I never get prompted to on my phone.


So weird! I experimented with my phone and... was prompted to speak as part of a lesson (so cool). However, I'm now never prompted to do so on my computer. May I ask if you use PC or Mac? Maybe that's the difference?


Where in yhe app does it give you sentences to pronounce? I haven't had to speak at all. Or is that only on an actual computer that it does that?


Not sure if you're still around, Lisa, but when I first started using Duolingo, I was occasionally prompted to speak some words as a part of the lesson. I clearly remember this happening while using the desktop app, but I can't remember if it happened when I used the iPhone app. I thought this was a great feature, especially as I don't have any Swedish speakers to practice with. Even a computer telling me I'm right/wrong is better than no feedback at all. However, I only had maybe 3 or 4 opportunities to do this and those were only in the first couple of subjects (Basics and/or Basics 2, if I recall correctly). I'm now 17 subjects in and have not had the opportunity to have my pronunciation evaluated since those first few lessons.


I use mac air computer and I phone , and both prompt me to repeat sentences as part of the lesson. sometimes it gets stuck on a phrase and no matter how you pronounce it , it will consider it wrong and keep repeating it ,,,its a glitsch for sure.


Yes it completely refuses to hear me say 'årtiondets'.


that what I posted,,,15x it said my pronunciation was wrong, but it wasnt !,,,its a glitsch! ...I 've had that once before, and then it repeats itself endlessly,,,also not normal.


Since I was marked wrong for translating this as "She is a woman of the decade," I assume there must be a different way to say that... what is it?

(That is, calling someone "the woman of the decade" conveys something very different about that woman than calling her "a woman of the decade, so I'm wondering how one would convey the latter.)


I don't understand that sentence


Do you mean semantically or grammatically?


Strangely, multiple choice only offered "she is the woman of the decade" (marked correct), but the correct answer at the end reads "she is the woman of the century". Which does "årtiondet" actually mean?


Strange indeed. This sentence only has two accepted answers: She is the woman of the decade and She is the decade's woman.
'decade' is årtionde and 'century' is århundrade in Swedish.

PS we also have the word decennium for the same thing (as årtionde).


I think the tio in the word refers to ten= decade.


What?? What does that means at all? Totally reminds me of "2 giraffes are flying, one yellow, the other is also to the left. how old is a hedgehog if a piece of asphalt weighs 1kg".


...she is the decade's woman?


That is also accepted, yes.


I repeated this correctly a dozen times and it keeps giving me the error sign. and oit keeps repeating..some glitch in the system.

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