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  5. "Where is your money?"

"Where is your money?"

Translation:Cá bhfuil do chuid airgid?

December 21, 2014



Shouldn't the plural be acceptable too? "Bhur gcuid airgid"


I'd think it should be accepted, but perhaps the creators just didn't enter it as an alternative answer...


Why the difference in spelling from "d'airgead" to "do chuid airgid." In another sentence "chuid airgead" is marked wrong. I don't understand.


See here for the usage of cuid. It's to be noted there's also probably some inconsistencies in the course. Please report them if you see it.


I'm doing this lesson by mobile, and I can very rarely access the links. Any idea why, or could you possibly provide the name of the site as well? I can click on links that are bare links, at least sometimes. Unfortunately, this seems to happen with most of your links. Thanks for all you do!


That's odd, but I don't use the app. Perhaps try accessing Duolingo via the browser and following it from there?

If not, the site is Gramadach na Gaeilge. If you google it, you'll find it pretty easily. The section here is under 'Possessive Adjectives' where it talks about 'the usage of cuid'


Excellent, thank you! I really should use the site more than the app so I can access the grammar, but you know how it goes.


Why is airgead not accepted in this answer


Because with nouns without a plural (you also use cuid for plural nouns - mo chuid leabhar - my books) or nouns that represent 'inquantifible' things you must use cuid.


Is there no plural of money in irish?

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