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  5. "The child is positive."

"The child is positive."

Terjemahan:Anak itu positif.

December 21, 2014

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Positive dlm konteks bhs Inggris merupakan jawaban dr pertanyaan tentang keadaan objek.

Misalnya, Apakah anak itu menderita demam?. 'Yes, the child is postitive'


What does "positif" mean in this context?


It has so random mean. I am as Indonesian cant explain what is the real mean on this context.

But it can be: - the child may be 'pregnant' - the child has a 'positive thinks' - the child is a 'nice person' - etc.

And ofcourse some of us who thinks the first mean will be laugh.. hahaha


In English, if we say someone is "positive," we are describing their attitude or outlook on life. It means they are optimistic and cheerful.


Kenapa harus ada 'yang'

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