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Google chrome extension

I'm sorry if this is against the forum rules, but I made a Google Chrome extension to add special symbols which I'm using to input Swedish extra letters å, ä, ö. You can add them by using keyboard shortcuts or clicking.

In case anyone wants to try it's available at google chrome webstore: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/special-symbols-input/agngfmdonhmblgjaaebdmeehneabgpkj

I hope it can help someone. Sorry if there are any bugs. It was a one day project.

December 21, 2014



Why don't people just use the international keyboard? I'm surprised that so many people are unaware of it. Lessons go by a lot faster when you can type at a normal speed without interruption.


Clearly, because we are unaware that such a thing existed or even could exist. I type using a Hungarian keyboard, a Russian keyboard, and a French keyboard, but I had no idea there could be a keyboard that would include all the characters one might need for any language. How does one access it?


When you go into your keyboard settings, you'll see International under English. Once you set that as your default keyboard, you simply press things like `, ", ~, ', and so on, followed by the letter you want and it will make è, ä, ñ, and á, etc. No need for other keyboards with different key placements to remember.

There's a couple quirks to get used to, like pressing the spacebar after punctuation before certain letters that will take an accent if you don't need the accent, but I figured that out on my own so it should be easy. (For example, you'll need to press the space bar after the apostrophe when writing l'air otherwise you'll end up with láir.) So you pretty much never have to switch keyboards ever again.

Edit: l'éléphant was a bad example for this purpose. Also, the International keyboard obviously only applies for the Latin alphabet.

More: http://www.muhlenberg.edu/main/academics/llc/web_resources/Windows/US-intl.html


Looks time saving. Will try it when i log in from my computer, thanks in advance


Thank you very much. It looks very useful for other languages and actually other pages as well. Since you appear to know a bit about Duolingo in Chrome, you might also be able to help me with another issue. In this new version of Duolingo, the Tips & Notes box sits halfway off my screen to the left and there does not appear to be any way I can move it or scroll over to see it. Do you know if there is any way I can see it?


Make sure, chrome is updated. Open an incognito window Ctrl+Shift+N. See if the same problem happens there. If it does work fine on incognito the problem likely caused by some extension.


It still seems to happen, even updated and incognito. Mozilla Firefox shifts the entire box toward the center of my screen, so I guess that is what I will use. Sadly, I will not have your little characters toolbar widget.


I for one thank you for your contribution. Have a lingot or two. I do agree that it is probably better to eventually learn how to type them without a visual aid, however.

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