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  5. "Tränaren har bra kondition."

"Tränaren har bra kondition."

Translation:The coach is fit.

December 21, 2014



It gave me "the coach is fit". As far as I'm concerned this pretty much means "the coach is sexy/hot" in colloquial UK English.


Well, outside of British slang, it's short for physical fitness. An aesthetic physique is, of course, a likely side effect of good physical fitness.


The audio is not right. Think of the word "on" (is it on or off?) k-ON-dition. Does that make any sense? http://sv.forvo.com/search/kondition/sv/


Yes, you are right 'k-ON-dition' is pronounced like English 'on' (short å-vowel), the computervoice is wrong in pronouncing it like Swedish 'ko'' (cow), which is a long slow 'O-sound'


Is stamina not a correct translation for kondition?


I agree with stamina. The suggested answers 'The trainer is in good shape' and 'The coach is fit' are in my view translations of 'Tränaren är i (bra) form'.


Nowadays Swedish has become so mixed up with English that it is hard to feel the difference. But still, we used to say "Jag/Han/Hon har bra kondition". And for me "är i bra kondition" sounds more like a machine being in "a good condition".


Not only is it a correct translation. It is a much better one. You don't necessarily have to be fit to have stamina and to some extent vice versa.

[deactivated user]

    I'm sure there is a Germanic equivalent to "att ha en bra kondition"!

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