"It was nice that you came to the opening."

Translation:Det var trevligt att du kom på invigningen.

December 21, 2014

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Det var snällt Why it's not accepted


I think that corresponds better to "It was nice of you ..." in English.


Why is trevligt but not fint accepted


”Fint” is more often used for nice-looking. You could use it here as well but they don’t mean entirely the same thing. ”Det var trevligt att du kom” means sort of ”we had a nice time together” whereas ”det var fint att du kom” means more ”it was a nice gesture that you came”.


How can we tell just from "It was nice that you came to the opening" that it's not the fint version? When I read the English sentence, I assumed it meant "It was nice of you to come along." If I understand your explanation correctly, fint would be appropriate in this case.


I have learnt the word 'vernissage' in real life. It must be only for visual art exhibition. I have thought that it is a common word in Swedish.


The past tense komm in Swedish should have two "m"s shouldn't it? I saw it on a Swedish conjugation table.


In Swedish, consonants tend to get doubled when they are followed by a vowel, even if other forms of that word only have a single consonant.

  • att komma - kom
  • hemma - hem
  • gymmet - ett gym


I used skönt instead of trevligt. Why would it not work here?


That'd be more like in the sense of relief, like "it's a good thing you were able to come", or similar.


I used kul instead of trevligt, could this not work?


Sure, I'll add that.


Would it work if i said, "det var trevligt att du kom på vernissagen"?

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