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  5. "Dov'è il parco industriale?"

"Dov'è il parco industriale?"

Translation:Where is the industrial park?

December 21, 2014



'Industrial parks' are called 'industrial estates', so 'Where is the industrial estate' should be accepted. Reported.


I didn't even bother trying 'industrial estate' as I doubted it would be accepted. My American is almost as good as my Italian now.


I just added "industrial estate" to the system, so it should be accepted now! Keep reporting the British-isms - hopefully I can bring my British (and Duo's British) up to the level of you Brits' American. : )


Grazie, lo faremo.

You'd do well to ignore all the junk about "business park". It's parco commerciale, folks, and EN business = IT commercio or attività commerciale. The generic or fashionable replacements for "park" are just loose translation, in contrast to the specific meaning of industrial estate / park.

I do however think that if I were translating the other way, from English to Italian, I'd probably prefer zona to parco, or keep the original English if referring to an identified location. How common in Italy, relatively, are zona and parco when tied to industriale / commerciale? Are there other common choices?


I choose industrial zone, but it was 'false'


I know how you feel.


Indeed, so do I.... and, like Dripdrip1, before I begin my answer I always ask myself, "What would an American say?". I no longer go to gaol but to jail, because I couldn't find an "attorney" to plead on my behalf after my solicitor wasn't allowed to deal with my case... which is so "mean".


I know what you mean, but I still write the thing Duo won't accept. I'm that stubborn.


.... and quite right too. I often do the same just to see if things have "improved". Anyway, at least we know we're correct.


Who the ❤❤❤❤ says gaol?


Agreed, it's annoying to find answers on Duolingo with just American translations and not British ones


I know, and yet it happens all the time. Duo has problems with the word 'gaol', for one.


More people speak "American" English. Just shut up!


I've never even heard of anyone saying industrial park.


It's not unheard of in the US. Not common–I'd be more likely to say a "business park." It describes areas you find in the outer suburbs - collections of office + warehouse space + parking designed for businesses, with virtually no commercial or residential housing anywhere nearby.


As well as industrial area? I also found industrial pole or industrial region


That sounds right. 'Business campus' is also correct now I think about it.


These translations are all too loose in language learning. Area is a wider and vaguer concept, region is even wider, pole is about a centre of attraction, and campus is by definition (look it up) limited to one institution. Business is one thing, industry another.

You will find Italian equivalents for all these.


I would have said that business campus would suggest a place where offices or that sort of business might be collected, whereas an industrial estate has factory-type properties, although the businesses within could of course be very mixed. I would see business campus as different from industrial estate.


Business park is the literal translation. Use it and shut up.


Duolingo doesn't like "Industrial Zone" either.


And which makes a lot more sense than "industrial park" which is a contradiction in terminis if you've ever seen one


What I see on road signs is Industrial Zone.


Parco=park. Easy translation. Stop confusing the lessons. Keep it simple people!


It doesn't work like that. 'Industrial estate' is the word I, and a very large number of other people, use. Therefore, it should have been accepted. That is the problem.

Also, don't tell people to shut up. I would cite the guidelines - 'always be respectful' / 'Can’t say it nicely? Don’t weigh in' / 'We will take action if any of these guidelines are not upheld'.


I have just reported you Mr. Mike.Now DL should take care of you.I told you already to mind your own business but a lunatic like you love to poke your nose into our learning.You just don't bother to understand our problem with you.You never mend your ways :-|


i'm american and i don't know what an industrial park is


It is an area where you'll find various industries, usually small and medium sized enterprises, next to each other.


In American English, tuess? Certainly not in British English.


Commonly known also as business parks


Industrial estate is accepted English on the Eastern side of the pond...:-)


Now I have heard of business parks - i think we have them now, but more a collection of office-type businesses than factories, I would say.


what is wrong if I wrote "Dove e' " instead of "dov'e' " ?


It's not like "where is / where's". This involves grammar rules of elision, not simple colloquialism.


DL told me the correct answer is "dov è." July 2017


I think a more common way to say this in Italian is "area/zona industriale".


I have lived in Britain all my life, speaking English and have never heard of an Industrial park. 'A Retail Park, yes the other ,no. The answer is misleading.


If you Google "industrial park uk" you will get rather a lot of results, including at least one list of the darned things. :-)

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Well, that would be because Google, like Duolingo, is American in origin, but unlike Duolingo it automatically takes account use of similar/equivalent/local terms in indexing. :-)


can you tell me why ''dove é...'' is not accepted?


Look closely at Duo's version. The two words are elided to avoid a double vowel. You have surely met elision before now. Also you typed é here and it should be è, and without the other mistake it would have been warned but not rejected.


I gave corrected answer and was stated incorrect but was exactly the same.Dove è il parco industriale.


I agree. Industrial Estate is probably being overtaken even here by Business Park...as the industry gives way to offices and warehouses!


Industrial 'park' is what we call an industrial 'estate' here in England.


I agree! It's the same in Scotland too :)


It seems I'm the only one to put "Commercial Park" as I didn't know what an "Industrial Estate" is. The answer was rejected.


Not accepting "where is the industrial complex"


Never heard anyone say "industrial park" in the US. What even is this? An office park? A warehouse district?


So even though the hints include 'manufacturing' for 'industriale' DL won't accept it. Reported it


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