"I will climb down from the roof."

Translation:Jag ska klättra ned från taket.

December 21, 2014

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what is the difference between "ned" and "ner" ?


”Ned” is more written and formal. ”Ner” is how you usually say it. Both are acceptable in writing.


Why "ska" intead of "kommer att"?


'ska' is when you decide to do something, 'kommer att' is when something will happen outside of your doing, if I remember correctly. Obviously climbing down happens only if you make it so.


"Kommer att" accepted for me. 05Aug2019.

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Ok so I thought ner was situational and nere was used when there was a movement... u_u Can someone enlighten me please ? I'm so lost in this lesson, I always mix up the different variations :/


As far as I know it's the other way around. Katten står nere. - The cat is standing down there. (situational) Katten hoppar ner/ned. - The cat jumps down. (movement)


That is correct. :)


When is ’nedför’ used, as opposed to ‘ned från’?


nedför is direction with an object, and ned från direction with an origin.


Like " gå nedför trappan" - go down the stairs, " tårarna rinner nedför hans kinder". - the tears run down his cheeks. Cheeks and stairs are the objects, right?



Yes, exactly, I mean a grammatical object. It works like this:

[subject] går nedför [object]

So nedför is the direction - "down" or "downwards". The subject is whatever is moving downwards, and the object is that, which is being travelled - like a set of stairs, for instance.

So as you can see, nedför is a direction, and it requires the (grammatical) object being travelled.

In contrast, ned från is also directional, but it requires the origin of the travel rather than the object being travelled.

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    Could you please elaborate on the concept of "object". Did you mean grammatical object? I am sorry. I am confused. Also, in the examples "gå nedför trappan" and "tårarna rinner nedför hans kinder" can one regard the origin as the top of the stairs and the eyes? I would appreciate your help.


    Why not 'klättra mig'?


    klättra is not a reflexive verb.

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