"Durant ma jeunesse"

Translation:During my youth

July 18, 2013



Would "pendant ma jeunesse" be just as acceptable? If not, what's the subtle difference?

August 6, 2013


I'd love to know this as well

October 1, 2013


The subtle difference: - J'ai été malade "durant" mon voyage = pendant TOUT le voyage ----------- - J'ai été malade "pendant" le voyage = pendant la totalité OU une partie du voyage. ------- (source: http://www.francaisfacile.com/forum/lire.php?num=7&msg=38005&titre=Pendant+%2F+durant)

October 13, 2013


Is there a different, specific word or phrase for childhood?

July 18, 2013


You can say "enfance" for childhood.

July 18, 2013

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I recommend opening another tab on your browser for a good French-English dictionary: http://www.larousse.com/en/dictionaries/english-french/childhood/569796

July 24, 2014


what's the difference between 'pendant' and 'durant?' Is 'pendant' more like 'while,' whereas durant is more like, 'during'? Or are they synonymous?

April 11, 2018


Pendant and durant are synonymous prepositions meaning during. Durant is less common and cannot turn into a conjunction. Pendant can become a conjunction with the addition of que. Pendant que = while.

July 8, 2018


Whats the phrase for during the war?

August 7, 2016


I was very tempted to try "When I was young" but I think that would be just a little off the mark. Always go with the sure thing, the most simple and direct and proper (etc.). If you want to find out about other possibilities, check these discussions after you get it right.

August 3, 2017
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