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  5. "De spiser citronen."

"De spiser citronen."

Translation:They eat the lemon.

December 21, 2014



I picture four people with knife and fork in hand and plates in front while a fifth is carving up a lemon.


Happy Thanksgiving


Is de pronounced like dø


    More like "di" or similar to "dee (with English pronunciation)"


    Picture this- It's Thanksgiving. Mom was supposed to get a turkey, but the store was all out. She says she has something better. You all sit down at the table, ready to eat. She brings out a single lemon. On a platter. She says, "I even stuffed it." Your dad cuts it open. Stuffing falls out and he takes a piece, putting it on your plate. You cut a small bite, tasting it. It's very sour, but you smile at your mom and say it's delicious. This is now your family tradition.


    They quite strong. Lemon is sour


    They must be hungry


    lol i got this question wrong on purpose like 20 times so i can test something if you get the last question wrong the progress bar goes back but its still the last question so if you go all the way back then it looks like you only had one question lol

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