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Finished Dutch Skill Tree

I understand it is somewhat of a tradition to say when you have finished the skill tree. So, four months after starting the dutch tree, I am very happy to say I have finished. I would also like to say thank you to the course creators and moderators for creating this course as it would very hard for me to otherwise learn Dutch to a similar level to what I am now. Bedankt, Aidan.

December 21, 2014



Fantastisch! Waar kom je vandaan als ik vragen mag? Want niet veel buitenlanders spreken Nederlands ook al is het een fantastische taal!

And if you have no idea what I just said, here is the translation:

Fantastic! Where are you from is I may ask? Because not many foreign people speak Dutch even though it is a wonderful language?


I am from Yorkshire, in the north of England. I am learning Dutch because of the fact I have friends who live in South Holland, and I would like to speak to them in Dutch.


Fantastisch! En in welke stad wonen ze?


Wow I could actually understand this, probably because of German lol


In Den Haag, dichtbij de kust.


Oké, dat is een erg mooie stad! Veel succes met het leren van Nederlands!


If you need any help, you are at the right adress, I'll help you with all sorts of subjects, articles, past simple, past participle etc.


Gefeliciteerd! Knap gedaan.

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